Saturday, April 9, 2016

Winning Ebay Bids and Saving Big The Win-Win Way With Ebay

I found a very simply way to save money with Ebay, out think the other person! I am giving away my little Ebay secret, in turn to gain more clients for my Columbus Financial Coach or be offered a great employment opportunity in the future. Where someone needs out of the box strategist! Like every one should know Ebay is a great place to get great things you want Cheap, if not you should know this now.

Most people go around just placing a bids and hope they can win, this behavior will cause a bidding war. Not good for you, if you are bidding against a Genghis khan, you know the personality type that needs to win at all cost. He or you will end up paying more then the thing is worth! 

Go in there with a strategy, make a decision on how much are you willing to pay for the item and be a still be good deal. If you have the time and can sit for the bid clock to count down to to last 15 – 10 seconds, these seconds are golden. You will place the largest bid, and use the automatic bid up feature to max your bid! Most people will not have enough time to respond and can't bid up the price. In case they had an automatic bid set up you still have a strong chance at winning this bid and getting the lowest possible price. Ok, I know what happens if you have a life? This will not work? Wrong! The same strategy will apply with just a slight modification at the last possible second before you leave for the day, before you go to bed, or on your lunch or during breaks make your bid!

I hope you will know you will lose some bids, it just was not meant to be and please move on! A true winner does not pay retail, let the others pay retail and you will find the diamonds in the rough on Ebay.

By Derek P. Bliedung
Columbus Financial Coach