Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wanted! Writers in the area of small business marketing, internet marketing, personal development, exercises, nutrition, and mediation

I am seeking professionals that are willing to write for my blog on the topics of nutrition, exercises, mediation and personal success stories. In exchange I will promote your articles using social medial marketing, search engines (SEO), article websites, and word of mouth marketing. This would give professionals like yourself a competitive advantage over your colleagues, with similar education, training and certification. You would be positioned as an expert in your field.

I am social entrepreneur that is reaching out to member of our society, to educated and instilling the power of positive thinking, and money management skills, to narrow the gap between the middle class and the wealthy. I am not alone in this dream; this is a shared vision from both Republicans and Democrats. Even billionaires fear what the future may hold if middle class American do not change their ways.

My research in this matter often what separates the two groups is a common sense approach to spending and savings, lack of positive thinking (hopelessness), and lack of proper exercise and nutrition. To address this issue I need to work with members of health care professionals to fully execute my homeopathic approach. I am realistic that this will take decades to address, but one can move mountains, one stone at a time.

What set me apart is to truly treat the illness you must treat the diseases not just the symptoms. Once again member of your profession are trained in treating and preventing illness. I am only taking financial planning and money management to a whole new level.

As far as my commitment to provide homeopathic approach to my readers and to community at large. My research in the topic makes it clear why some people are more successful in life then others. Show a connection to the mind, body, spirit connection. In the last few years was my blog was able to grow 70k hits and still growing.

If interested, please submit your article to for my review. Thanks you all for your help. Derek P. Bliedung