Sunday, December 23, 2012

Simple Money Management Tips: The power to get more with less and save for tomorrow

I'm a master in thrifty living and how to use less money to buy more things. My education has started when I was a young boy, when my own mother was spending most weekends on Saturdays mornings and some afternoons looking at the bargain ranks for the best deals at the local shopping mall department stores. You know that even today there is much money can be saved by checking the liquidation ranks at the department’s stores every few weeks. I know who has time for that in this day of age? But there are a number of great discount stores that make it real easy to save without all the work. They are Marshals, where I did most of my Christmas shopping. Other stores included TJ Max, Shoppers World, and major department stores outlet centers. My mom has saved thousands of dollar in her life time. How much can you save?

You know the same type of savings can be done on food and other household items? For groceries Aldi and Save-A-Lots are great places to check out. Also Big lots and Olies Army have great deals on canned food, and dry goods too. I saw a Simmons Sofa at Big lots for $350 that is crazy cheap! Can you see why I can get so happy on ways the average person, can save cold hard cash! 

Why are you paying to listen to music and movies you can get custom stations on, ihartradio, or borrow the music cd at your local library for free? Did you know that there some great services out there such as Netflix and Hulu, where you can get great TV programs, and movies, downloaded to your computer or to a media player that can be viewed on your TV? You’re getting access to 10,000 of titles for less then $10 per month. And Hulu is free if stream it to your computer. And yes your library lends out movies too.

 Myth: You have to pay more for healthy foods? Healthy foods can be purchased in the form of whole natural foods. I can easily make healthily hearty meals rather inexpensive if I am willing to be creative and willing to cook and prepare my own the food. I know it is easy to fall into the traps of eating processed foods in form of just open the box and heat! It does take a little more time and efforts. But it is worth the effort to know you’re feeding your family something good and healthy. The longer term results of feeding your family processed food, is over weight, negative health effects, and loss potential. The cost of short term and long term effects are too high.

An easy way to reduce the expensive by 50% of restaurant food is to only eat half and bring the rest home, for another meal. I learned a trick from a local radio station on WNCI was to eat an apple before you go out to eat. The high fiber in the apple will fill you up and make you less hungry. Don't forget about coupons, and  the entertainment book.

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Author: Derek P. Bliedung
Columbus Financial Coach.
The Art of Saving & Making Money