Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creative ways to market your job search: Start your own part time business add it to your resume

I have noticed that many of the same techniques that I use as a marketer, the career professionals tell you to do that same in the job hunting process. Such as live and online social networking (LinkedIn). Plus if you can start your free website and build some basic marketing skills like search engine optimization (SEO), social networking, and web design this will add a whole new set of skills for your resume. Look at my part of cover letter for example:

I started the Columbus Financial Coach, to aid members of my community that are being undeserved by many of traditional organizations. I developed a financial system that can help a broader range of families, improve their financial situation by using saving, insurance and investing in the mix. I have a self help program in place, as well comprehensive coaching program. The goal is to offer the coaching program in the evenings and weekends. 

And what I have placed on my resume:
 • Developed a niche web site based on research of 4 different credit counselor agencies, either unable to come with a solution or a solution that was unrealistic for person suffering a hardship
• Brand development, web site traffic growth by using free and low cost online advertising; including logo design, social networking, blogs, press releases & search engine optimization (SEO)
• Developed brand & sales strategies, implemented web analytic to monitor marketing programs
• Educating new clients on the company’s system of training/communications, creative budgeting, leveraging, & strategic financial planning

One can start a part-time business, to tell recruiters or hiring managers that your a cut above. Everyone can look for a job, but really how people are aggressive enough, to start they own business? Not many! Don't forget the basic teaching of Napoleon Hill. and his book Think and Grow Rich, follow your passion, desire, and commitment, this is a the basic formula for success.

I included a simply ad I wrote for my business to give everyone some idea how easy it can be.

Helping America save Money & Build a Better Future

The idea that you can help the middle class families save money and build a better future. After suffering my own hardships, and turned to credit counsellors, that tired to charge me more then I was paying on my credit cards currently. This forced me to think of a better solution, So, I developed a saving system that can save the average family hundreds per month! And the best part, the basic program is 100% Free!!!