Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Great Ways to Save on Groceries & Gas

Grocery items

The best low priced grocery store is Aldi and next to that is would be Save a lot. My personal strategies are going to one of these stores first, and then go to another grocery store for the rest of your shopping needs.

Take advantage of Kroger's and Giant Eagle's fuel points programs if you need to fill up your car on a regular basis. Like the commercial says you can buy gift cards and use them like cash. If you need to buy a gift why not, just purchase the gift card now, and go to the retail store after you buy the gift card to purchase the item. Many stores such as Best Buy and eBay and many restaurants have them too.   The fuels saving will add up fast! You can also make this idea work for you if you can buy a gift card and saved $1 per Gallons at Kroger up to 35 gallons, that is a net saving of $35.00, can you imagine the saving if you did that every month or if your going on a vacation? 12*350 = $350 per year savings. And, yes I also buy the red plastic gas containers too to get the maximum savings.   

Author: Derek P. Bliedung
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