Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Highs On Gas Getting You Down? Here are some great ways to save on gas and auto care

Gas Saving

Most months I am getting a gas discount of $0.50 per gal off at shopping at Kroger which is $210 per year. Kroger goes by different names across the US, (King Spoopers, Fry's, Smiths ect) You can simply buy a $100 Shell gas cards, that alone saves you $0.20 off a gal. of gas. Plus you can do the same thing for gift cards at restaurants, gift card for birthdays, weddings, ect. The RX program gives you another 50 points, for each RX filled at their pharmacy (100 points = $.10 off gas). My local market of Columbus, Ohio Giant Eagle has similar programs as well. .

Common sense ways to save on Gas
• Reduce your speed
• Have regular tune-ups, and general maintenance
• Change motor oil and transmission oil at regular intervals (I used a full synthetic transmission fluid and find a 1-2 MPG improvement) 
• Check air pressure, and inflate to manufactures recommendations
• Don’t increase speed driving up hill or a steep incline

Great ways to save on auto care
The best way to save on auto care is make sure you maintenance your car or truck. I know there are different views on what type of oil to use and how many miles before once change the oil. Always follow the recommendation of the auto manufacture and common sense. I personal used fuel injector cleaner after every oil change and used additive in the oil as well with conventional oil. I personal use Lucas oil, US lube, Prolong, or Fram oil additives.

I also used a cotton reusable air filter, which increase air flow and save gas because the car does not need to rev as high to reach the needed speed. One popular brand is K&N Both these products improved my fuel efficiency and performance.

But, another great way to save is if you can find a service shop that will let you buy your own parts. Some big chains will not let you do this. Other shops will do it for you! And you can shop for around for the best prices. I personal saved over $370 purchasing parts for my car parts over and
Always compare prices with the major auto part stores like,,,,

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