Saturday, July 21, 2012

"COLUMBUS OHIO MAN HELPS HIS COMMUNITY SAVE MONEY ON HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES." Thrift Web Page Shows How Simple Saving Can Be In The Hardest of Economies

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After Derek Bliedung had many personal hardships from divorce, unexpected job loss, and even a law suit. He had two choices to just give up and file bankruptcy, or keep on fighting and find a better way.  He chose the better way, and after many hours of researching online he found there was a great deal of ways to save money on household items. Such as alternatives to cable or satellite television, less expansive cell phone service, alternative to land line phones. As well, taking advantage of supermarket fuel discounts, shopping at discounted supermarkets and clothing stores. This prompted Derek Bliedung founder and head coach to start the his own web site called to give away free advise and affordable coaching service to help those in need.

Mr. Bliedung was spending $135 per month for digital cable, phone, and Internet. When he replaced the cable TV with a used Tivo Premier he purchase off ebay and using the off the air signal with amplified antenna he purchase from TigerDirect. As well he purchased Magic Jack Plus to replace his land line phone. The total cost for these purchases was $169.00 with a yearly saving of $1,020, which is a net profit of $851.

Another of his recent saving came from moving his home owners and auto insurance to another carrier and this banked him another $852.00 per year in savings. Derek explains that he also took his cell phone on the large carries to Net10 at $15 per month for 200 roll over minutes which saved he another $360 per year in savings. Derek Bliedung, talked about how just this year his wife need a expensive repair on her car and he was able to save $370 by simple finding  the part online and having his mechanic install this part.

Derek Bliedung estimates that he saves another $348.60 per year in savings by buying gift cards and shopping for fuel rewards at his local supermarket. He omits he need to keep better track of the items purchased with coupons such as the , livingsocial, groupon,,, andeversave. Derek also reminds all of his followers to take his advice remember that there is great savings all around us just keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to find all the savings.

The Columbus Financial Coach was founded in 2011, to help the local and national working class families, a way to save money and to improve their financial outlook in life by reinvesting the saving into investments or purchasing additional insurance products to insure that current and future financial needs will be well meet.

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