Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Alternatives to Phone Service: Using VOIP (Internet Phone)

Alternatives to Phone Service using VOIP (Internet Phone)

Magic Jack & Magic Jack Plus

I have used the Magic Jack, to make sales calls when I was working with insurance company it works, not as good as a regular land-line, but about just as good as the internet phone that came from my cable company. Starting at $39.99 for the device and a year of service (additional service is $29.99 per year after that) for the service it is a great value. Both Magic jacks’ have unlimited calling to US and Canada, call display, call forwarding, free voice mail, free phone number, and E911. 

Now, there is a Magic Jack Plus which can use it with or without a computer, and ports your current phone number. I just purchased mine, and it was $ 102.59 (included a year of service and $19.99 year of service after that) with purchase of the device, S&H, phone number porting and government service fees. You can even get a Canadian phone numbers as well.

Great place to purchase Magic Jack:

Great place to purchase Magic Jack Plus:,


If you want to dump your phone carrier but need all the bells and whiles, there is a higher end of a internet phone that you can buy the equipment alone starting about $250, but the monthly fee is good at $9.99 per month, you can port your current number to their system.


We should not forget about Vantage, which get the same basic features as your phone company starting at $11.99 for 300 mins for US and Canada per months plus fees & taxes.

If you are like many people out there that just do not want to give up number and just uses your phone as a voicemail. An easy and cheap solution is buy a net10 phone, and subscription their $15.00 per month for 200 mins plan and these mins will roll over.

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